Sininho Paco

Sininho Paco (Licínio Paco.) He was born in Maputo, Mozambique on August 23, 1977.  He embraced music, dance, theatre and reading from an early age and found himself in poetry and uses it as a window to tweak the universe. This turned him into a devourer of words and a poet of love and sorrow who embraces the world.

In 2003, along with friends and respected Mozambican musician Stewart Sukumah, he delved into the adventure of performing poetry with music, which culminated in the creation of the arts movement “SEM CRITICA” which, with the aim of promoting culture, created space for new poets and musicians. He began performing live at concerts, workshops with university and High School students in Maputo, and other spoken word events. He has participated at all SEM CRITICA performances, from 2003 to date.

In 2005 he won a creative writing contest organised by the Bank Millennium Bim (BCP). He has participated in the Festival “The Power of Voice” organised by the British Council. In 2006, he won the Honourable Mention at biennial TDM-Telecommunications of Mozambique Creative Writing Contest. Internationally he has participated in the Poetry Africa Festival in Durban, South Africa, the 1st poetry festival in Paris and the International Poetry Festival Lusofonia in Boston, Masachusetts.

Given his passion for photography and other visual arts, he was commissioned to translate the images into poetic space for the Photography and Poetry Exhibition called “Crossroads” of the Mozambican photographer Bocarro Hunguana, held in Geneva, Switzerland and as well as photographer Mauro Pinto. He also contributed to Deidre Watson photography exhibition “Tacteando Momentos”. In the field of painting, he participated in the exhibition “Africa en el alma” by Ruth Banon, held in Spain, Alicante, and sculpture exhibitions by Gonçalo Mabunda, in Mozambique and Paris. Currently, Licinio Paco (Paco Tinkerbell) participates in various collaborations with spoken word artists in Maputo and abroad. He is also working on the last bits and pieces to edit his first collection of poems The Drip of the Soul.