Lloyd Akin Palmer

“avenging spirit of the ancestors”

A humble son of the garden parish of St. Ann, Lloyd Palmer born of hardworking rural folks. A mother who is a social worker and an industrious father who tills the soil profusely. Akin grew up in southern Trelawny attending the William knibb memorial high where he was involved in school and community cultural activities.
Such an experience has helped to groom and mold Akin into pursuing the arts as his chosen profession as a poet and a musician. Akin sees poetry as a holistic therapy to spiritually likewise socially uplift humanity. The poet/musician’s role is to express the thoughts, emotion, plight and concerns of the masses. Majority of whom are grassroots people facing inequality and needs a voice to utter for justice, truths and rights.
In 2005 he was the 2nd Runner Up in the 7th Annual Writers’ Award, while in 2007 he was 1st Runner Up in the 9th Annual Writers’ Award. He debuted with his album Tuff Tuff Triangle Urban Journey in 2005 as well as performed in Jus’ Poets, a series of poetry shows which was organized with other poets such as Elaine Thomas-Gifford, Bill Blast and I-Sense in 1994.
Currently working to publish his debut book of poetry SANKOFA. Also preparing for the release of his bands’ “The Uprising Roots Band” debut album SKYFIYA.