Ewok — a.k.a. Iain Gregory Robinson, Creamy Ewok Baggends, Hused Whut? and more — is a star in the South African Hip Hop scene. He has been seen and heard at numerous, sold-out shows in his hometown, Durban, and in Cape Town and Johannesburg. He has appeared in numbers of countries overseas. He has been widely praised by the public and the press for his spellbinding verbal control, gripping imagery, forceful vision, sharp insights, and critical voice.

Pimp My Poetry is the second collection of Ewok’s performances on stage brought to the page—it follows his very successful Word: Customized Hype, published in 2007 by Echoing Green Press.Pimp My Poetry had an electrifying launch at the Schools Festival, after the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, where he had again performed to much acclaim.

Ewok is a performance poet of a rare kind—his words really deserve close attention. Those who see and hear him perform are eager to capture his verbal dexterity on the page. His popularity as a Spoken Word Artist, MC and SLAM Champion continues to rise nationally in South Africa and globally.