Ayob Vania

Ayob Vania is a Content and Communications Architect with a passion for community development [analogue and digital] and has a writing and performance history dating back to primary school when he plagiarized lines from different poets to write love letters.

Since then Ayob has been an integral part of the development of the Poetry Community in Johannesburg, both as a writer/performer as well as an activist/administrator/promoter.

Having started performing in early 2000’s when there were few platforms available, Ayob has devoted much of his efforts in developing performance platforms as well as developing content and communication initiatives around these platforms.

Over the years Ayob has used his skills as a writer for both print and broadcast mediums as well as in the fields of Public Relations, Online Content Development and Corporate Communications.

Ayob is currently the head of Content and Multimedia at the Word N Sound Live Literature Company where he is intimately involved in the developments and dissemination of poetry related content as well as conceptualizing and managing poetry and live literature experiences.