Tanisha Bhana

Tanisha Bhana is a contemporary South African visual artist, poet and an established attorney in the financial services industry of South Africa.

She is a visual art finalist of the Thami Mnyele competition and a winner of the Lovell Gallery National Art competition in 2011.

She has displayed artwork from the ‘Transience’ portfolio for the Economic and Infrastructural Development Conference in Johannesburg (April 2012) and delivered a speech and poetry reading at the Climate Leadership Programme, sponsored by the German Development Corporation, at Rustenberg, South Africa, (May 2012).

Inspired by the desire to contribute towards the growth of a society which is free from historical constraints and fear-based conditioning, Tanisha expresses the freedom to explore authentic dreams towards achieving a shifting human potential.

Mentored by Gordon Froud (Senior Lecturer, Curator and Judge, University of Johannesburg) and Les Cohn (Managing Director, ArtSource South Africa) her work is a celebration of the values of freedom of expression and has the potential to be a conduit of change by sharing a unique visual and poetic perspective, recording our human trail and aiding in perceiving different possibilities.