Ndi’Aphrykah, born Morongoa Basadi Mosetlhi, is a young Motswana writer, performing artist and entrepreneur. Her interest in writing began in her early teens. Her works include poetry, short stories, novels & scripts.

Her involvement as a performer in local arts industry began in 2009 when she was casted for a role in Re Bina Mmogo Season II. In 2011, she found herself pursuant of the stage again, performing as a poet for Art of the Soul Organization’s Poison Poetry, an endeavour she has continued with to this day. From here, her passion for the arts would only grow further, fed by partaking in local productions including Passion Play I & II, The Maitisong Festival, Queer Shorts Festival Showcase, and most recently, The Maun International Arts Festival.

She is currently in the process of setting up a management and tax consultancy in order to be able to complete the requirements of being a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. She is also working on an anthology of poetry inspired by her time in the Delta and the remodel of her blog AmanteFatale.

On the performance side, she plans to frequent local productions as a performer and as a producer as well as begin to frequent international festivals around Africa.