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Zena Edwards
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Zena Edwards

Dive into a healing pool of poetry and sound with this rising Black British star on the UK spoken word scene. Zena is a vocalist, percussionist and entrancing performer.


Zena Edwards is a London-based performance poet, writer and musician. Her vibrant poetry is inspired... More >

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Healing Pool

waiting is a place for you
patient is the  healing pool
silent corner of  your mind
waiting to remind you of how you are divine

a healing pool
is that part of your heart
where in cupped hands tears of  joy collect
and where compassion nestles
where the riot in your head  must cease and settle

a healing pool
a clear window where looking through is to see the clear side
of an angry explosion where the  back slide
into the mist  of  lonely grey
is really only moment of resting for the spirit day
where the silence allows the soul  to have its say

a healing pool
is like a puddle of love for your favourite niece
is like dipping your toes
in the peace
Gods bath water and
blessings seep up into your soul

on the bed of the healing pool is the cushioning of dreams
with a duvet stuffed thick with the untainted wishes of our children
and a float barely breaking the surface tension
are crystal lanterns lit and fuel
by the blood sweat and tears of our ancestors
rendering you humble to their struggle

you gain strength from the legacy
wisdom from the prophecy
it’s a sobering remedy in a moment of melancholy
making you high on its tranquillity

come step into your healing pool.

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