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Nana Korantema Hanson

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Nana Korantema Hanson

Freedom to truly live how we desire is always there, but it is up to us to choose it, it never chooses us. This poem is a tribute to this freedom. The poet does not care whether she is labelled a mad woman or an evil seed. She lives life how she chooses. She is free.


Nana Korantema Hanson is a final year student at the University of Ghana, studying English and Philo... More >

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Mad woman

Envy me as I desert your dangerous world of sanity
Squeeze your fists in angry jealousy as I slip into this abyss of dreams
Cover your eyes lest I spit into them with delirious laughter…
Turn your heads away as I relapse into childish giggles
Covet my luck when the wild waters’ rages wail my name in endless tides
Cry out in sorrow for I am free!


For I alone can be three persons
I alone can look death in the eye and shake my fists for I am not afraid of the after-world
I alone can divide the great sky of pain and serve it in seven clay pots
Drink with relish…and be free! I dip my calabash to the gods of creation!
I alone can see across the horizon of time and be guileless
I alone can be possessed by the voices of my humanity
I alone can dance with teasing sensuality to the intricate rhythms of unearthly sounds

For I am free!

Sweat, fume, as my breasts bounce to that mysterious drum only I can hear
Pull your hair as my hips sway to the sorrowful wail of the atenteben
As I soar into worlds you can never reach

Don’t!...You can’t!... forgive me! I am an evil seed!

May thunder and barking dogs seize your throat and choke you in your laughter!
May your hidden smiles be cut off and stuck under your feet!
Don’t touch me and corrupt me with your mad sanity!
Prey upon your own souls and leave mine alone!
Don’t destroy my Peace!

Oh, please, with my knees cut in stones, my body in the dust you kick off your feet,
Don’t destroy my Peace
My forehead on the ground, my lips at your toes
Don’t tamper with my soul
My hands scratched and bleeding, my spirit writhing in supplication
Leave me be! For I am free!

You can’t…forgive me…I am evil

My laughter alone resounds through memory
It echoes in the caves of desperation
It is as cool as mud walls encased in thatch
As scorching as the fiery passions of steaming lava
Stew in Jealousy for my heart alone the gods can hear

Don’t break the windows to my soul or blacken their purity and drive me from me
Those windows…those delicate windows that threaten to break…

They break

I put each sweet shard to my lips to kiss away their pain
And hug them to my chest
The shattered pieces of glass pierce my breast in eternal gratitude

I am a child of twisted conscience
The seed of disappointment in the copulation of body and soul
I can no longer feel nor recognize nor bond
I am a cold, massless phantom that can seduce your spirits to iniquity

Don’t…forgive me…

Watch me fade away into emptiness
See me cocoon in this vacuum and wither away into wishes
And envy me…for I am Free…

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