Aj. Dagga Tolar

Aj. Dagga Tolar

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Aj. Dagga Tolar

This is a potent offering from Aj. This poem is a reminder of the freedom fighters and the songs they carried in their hearts. These were songs with the potency to spark courage and strength. Have they been petered from our tongues? Do such songs have a place in our reality right now?


He is a frontline activist, a social crusader, and the publicity Secretary of the Campaign for Demo... More >

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New stones of Soweto

(Weizman H.)

Soweto sowed songs
To call to come if not
On the street
So soon to stones

Only to reap in return
A whirl wind of white fear
Handing out shovels
To pit open the earth

Are these lucky ones
The comrades of yesterday
Dying in no different direction
Burial is a state function

And all can attend
The dead are not excluded
The not too alive
For a feel of what to come

And the rest of freedom
Is an erected monument
Of remembrance
No more raging blood of more songs

The old songs of freedom
Are no longer audible
They have petered out of the heart
For new songs from across the ocean

Where the birthday
Of one man is how much
The available freedom
And then only for who can buy

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