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Sam Umokoro

If you listened to this poet reading from his recent published an anthology of poetry entitled Heartstrings you would understand that the heart is a vast and complex terrain. Here he sheds light on the heartbreaking story of the people of Jos, to many an unheard story, an invisible conflict.



Sam Umukoro has written for Vanguard and The Guardian newspapers in Nigeria. He has recently publish... More >

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Crimson Sky

They flood Dogo Nahawa with blood
boasting the crescent will never meet the cross
killing women and babes who still suck
for a god, truly not for God.
This poem drip with blood not with love,
my country is red from weeping,
men who worship idols were speaking
in tongues of flames while women and babes were sleeping.

This verse shall speak of bloodcurdling killings, 
in Jos on behalf of the cross or of men
who desecrate the crescent
for a god, truly not for God.
This poet must talk about rivalries that fester
like open sores neighbours who speak with the accent of violence
to settle political scores
screaming my god is superior to yours
he suffers the violent to take lives by force.

(For the victims of the sectarian crisis in Jos)

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